Friday, 14 January 2011

Me and my Patchouli..

My signature aroma has always been Patchouli otherwise known as Pogostemon Patchouli, the popular incensey scent of the 1960's, which carries for some the nostalgia of our youth, whilst for others it simply smells awful.
 It's the Marmite of perfumes, you either love it or hate it.. and I love it..
The other thing about it is, that it improves with age, which is something I like to think that Mr Patchouli and I both have in common

When I was about 13 I started wearing it, I would say that my early introduction to it was through my dad, who aquainted me with it's spiritual uses through his pagan religious beliefs, he told me of its abilty to draw the opposite sex, it's sensuality, and it's powers of warding off negativity and evil, and said that by burning it I would attract prosperity and open myself up to the possibilities of clairvoyance and divination.

My Dad
the lingering breeze of you, your wisdom, your weaknesses, your beautiful charm, I smell you, I am comforted for I am not alone, it's all about the trace, it's all about the memories.

I think its earthy smell is all about the wearer, it's about living outside the box, and daring to stand out, it's inexpensive and you don't wear it with designer clothing, it's non-materialistic it's anti establishment, it's rebellious, it's creative.... it's lalala wooo

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The joys of Sausage Making.

This Christmas, I got a sausagemaker from they are a very helpful and reliable company in Middlesbrough who can provide you with all that you need to make gorgeous sausages.. plus the equipment, and sound advice.
and what a gorgeous machine it is..

it definitely requires two pairs of hands, but the results are brilliant.

All fresh ingredients go into mincer

Ha ha, posing for the camera.. thank you Hannah! for taking them.. 

Then the fun begins!

And the results are super!

I used a recipe for Toulouse sausages which are gorgeous, here goes...

makes about 20 sausages;

                  2kg roughly minced pork belly... (or shoulder)
                  30g fine sea salt
                  2g freshly ground nutmeg
                  5g freshly ground black pepper
                  100ml red wine
                  20g garlic chopped. (I used granules)
                  large handful of flat leaf parsley chopped
                 4g fresh sage chopped. (you can use dried)
                 4g fresh thyme. 
                 2.5m hog casings

Basically you grind the meat up with all the other ingredients and fill the casings with machine..

We had some sausage meat over and my helper Zack, made himself a rather spectacular treat by forming it into a burger and creating a delicious brunch with bacon and egg in bread, from our freshy laid eggs of course.

Needless to say we were all jealous

 Job well done!