Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Does anybody have a list
Or someplace i can get the gist
Hey, is there something I have missed
A guide to being a parent.
I don't think that my naive plan
For Alex, Zachary & Han
Is quite the same when it began
What else could I have done
They say you shouldn't be their friend
But I assumed that would depend
On how you wanted it to end
But now I think it's true
How does a mother gain respect
Through sympathy or intellect
I think I should have double checked
But I'm not sure with who

Bed Thoughts

Sometimes when I'm thinking
I slip inside the deep of me
The picture palette of splendid colours
Turned muddy by the guilt and fear
The constant reminder of you know who
Is tugging pulling at my hair
Sometimes when I'm sleeping
There's balance and there's harmony
But on my journey to the dawn
I wave to what I leave behind
And step towards the storm
The daylight highlights as I wake
The sharpness as my taken breath
The shifting gears another day
To add to my remaining years
I compromise on how I plan
To be the perfect citizen
But every time the mighty falls
I have to think it out again
Sometimes when I'm wide awake
I wish I could control my fate
Like lucid dreams which celebrate
How I could master every story
How I would look in happy endings