Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I am my own true fate....

With tiny steps I tread with care
what lies ahead I'm unaware.
I walk in darkness with no proof
Of what's to draw me from my youth.

Each day an open ended plot
To teach me something I'd forgot.
With arms outstretched I make my way
through obstacles of each new day.

What's left behind what's down the track?
'Oh juvenescence take me back!.
I want the passion and energy
I want to be all glittery.

To write and act out my life's story
On a podium of self earned glory.
To feel the sun upon my face
The warmth and glow of one's own grace
Adore, adore, adore myself
This is the meaning of true wealth.

written by Cheryl Powling


  1. Did you write that Cheryl?

    Hels x

  2. I write a lot of poetry love it.. x

  3. Lovely. Have you read any Walt Whitman? Leaves of Grass, or Song of Myself. Think you'd like them...right up your alley! Kate x

  4. PS That second photo is how I remember you in my mind's eye!

  5. No I havent, the funny thing is I never really read poetry, I just like writing it.
    But I will take a look at Walt Whitman in a tic..