Monday, 19 September 2011

Me and my E-Cig

I haven't smoked for 25 years, but believe me since I stopped, I have wished there was a healthy alternative, I would never go back to puffing away at those sticks of tobacco that could send my body to a very uncomfortable and unhealthy downward spiral, which could be a big mistake, given also that quite a few nicotine addicts in my family died an untimely death, from heart conditions that I believe were helped along by the nicotine stick.

Then I discovered the E-Cig, and was quite excited so I bought one, but as I am no longer in need of nicotine I bought Zero mg nicotine cartomisers, just to experience the puffing and the smoke, and the inhalation that I used to enjoy so much, and I chose a company called VIP because they were UK based and, they did a Omg nicotine version.. take a look at their website.

I bought an Executive started kit which was just under 30 pounds, which was all I needed to experience the sensation of smoking, and I chose the menthol flavour, because the tobacco tasted nasty to me, and as an occasional shisha smoker (non nicotine type) I enjoyed the minty one the best, I also bought a nice pink case to keep it in !! 

When it came I was quite scared, and excited, because really I was being a bit of a idiot to introduce myself to something I had so successfully managed to free myself from, but for me it was rather like re-visiting an old love you never got over, and realising you were better off without it..

If I were a smoker I would definitely use these to ween myself off, the amount of smoke you can draw off of one of these things is really impressive, you get the hit at the back of the throat and you can even blow smoke rings, to be honest it was much better than I could have imagined, and the pack it came in had two nicotine tips to try and I gave them to smokers, and they all were very impressed.

They are cheaper than smoking cigarettes, no smell, you can smoke them inside, no staining of teeth, and you get your nicotine without the 6,000 chemicals and 66 known carcinogens associated with tobacco smoking.

This is a table of the typical ingredients of an E-cig

Propylene Glycol >50%
Glycerol <30%
Nicotine 0 to 1.8%
Water <10%
Alcohol (ethanol) <1%
Coriandor <1%
Solanone <1%
Citric Acid <1%
Benzel Alcohol <1%
Orient Tobacco Absolute (flavor) <1%
Pepper Oil <1%
Guaiacol <1%
Menthol <1%
Fragrant Orchid Element <1%

I am no scientist and I have searched the net for possible advise against use, and to be honest these are a relatively new product so there is much argument for and against the sale of these cigs, but I think you have to form your own ideas.. and there are plenty of facts on here..

So in conclusion to all of this, I would say, yes, I do think this is a very good product, and worth a punt of £30 to possibly break a habit of a lifedrain.


  1. I agree with you assessment, and thanks for the information. I just bought an E Cig and I wanted to look online for reviews.

  2. Yes! I agree with you. E-cigs are definitely a great alternative from real cigarettes. If you want less chances of getting lung cancer, and if you want to keep your teeth white, then e-cigs are for you! I really think it’s every heavy smoker’s chance of redemption to help ease them on the process of quitting smoking, while not totally letting go of their habit.

  3. I agree with you, Mucky Hen. What I love about e-cigarettes is its cost-effectiveness. As much as it promotes healthier living, it also helps us save money. Just calculate all the traditional pack you regularly buy, and compare it to the price of a single e-cigarette that can last for a long time.

  4. I, too, believe in the benefits of e-cig as an alternative to tobacco smoking. I highly recommend this to anyone who isn't totally ready to quit smoking, yet are concerned about the cancer-causing substance they get from smoking tobacco. Dean @

  5. There are so many benefits of e-cigarettes over "traditional" ones. The health benefit is the most obvious and most important, but you will find that your wallet is much better off and even a change in those around you (non-smoking friends and family!)

  6. Thanks for sharing!

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