Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I came across this great website for those, like myself have a penchant for chickens..

a british based company and I like them a lot!

There are lots of things to choose from.. all too many to put on here, but these a just a few of my favourite items..

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Masturbation in the 30's

In the 1930's this remarkable book gave us all the answers...
I came across this literary gem in a secondhand bookshop in Muswell Hill, it is filled with many exquisite facts..

Oh my this explains an awful lot..

This poor chappie was a victim of his own carelessness..  tee hee

Oh dear!!

The asylums should be bursting at the seams!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful skin..

Boy you have such beautiful skin
It's holding all the pain within.
Hold on, hold on to what you've got
Prepare yourself it's not a lot.
Where is the love that you have earned
Lay twisted in the fires that burned.
Boy you have such beautiful eyes
The windows to this child's demise.
An aperture to this cursed gloom
Death's overpowering cheap perfume. 
The screams and wailing hacks and cuts
That echoes through the village huts.
Don't come out from your hiding places
Do not reveal your tear stained faces.
Boy you have such beautiful skin
But what's this hell you're living in?
Man has no mercy for the frail
If God is love, where is he now?

written by Cheryl Powling

I am my own true fate....

With tiny steps I tread with care
what lies ahead I'm unaware.
I walk in darkness with no proof
Of what's to draw me from my youth.

Each day an open ended plot
To teach me something I'd forgot.
With arms outstretched I make my way
through obstacles of each new day.

What's left behind what's down the track?
'Oh juvenescence take me back!.
I want the passion and energy
I want to be all glittery.

To write and act out my life's story
On a podium of self earned glory.
To feel the sun upon my face
The warmth and glow of one's own grace
Adore, adore, adore myself
This is the meaning of true wealth.

written by Cheryl Powling

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Doggy bath day!

These pics are the cutest.. ozzy and hugo had a bath day, and Zack was the groom master..

IMATS great day out..

On Sunday January 30th we went to the IMATS Trade show at Alexandra Palace


there was some excellent work by some genius prosthetic experts

I, for one bought some gorgeous glittery eye makeup, which cheered me up big time.
Tickets were £33 advance, or £45 at the door which was obviously devised to attract only the serious contenders to the venue, I did wonder whether I'd get my money's worth but I really did enjoy our day there, and will deffo go back next year!