Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Watching 'Fargo' on Channel 4, last Sunday and spotted and loved this poster

To me this is all about Conforming, shaping our behaviour to become acceptable to others, in new or learned situations I am happy to do this, but is it really necessary, and why are some people better at it than others?. Is it because they may feel that they have more to loose if they don't, or for the non-conformists perhaps they feel they have more to loose if they do.
Conforming due to lack of knowledge and also with the intent to be liked, leaves a good impression I suppose, and dealing with new unfamiliar situations this shaping of our behaviour makes us acceptable and trustworthy, but this social team player can play havoc with the real deviant that lives within you, and the 'yes man' role that you are playing can play havoc with your psyche..
I for one think this is a very unhealthy way to live, this everyday pressure, could be stifling our normal questioning abilities and judgement of ones own principles. Isn't this what happened in Nazi Germany when ordinary people allowed themselves to be swept away by popular opinion?.
Personally, I think in order to make the world a more harmonious place we need to conform to a certain extent, but being agreeable is only believable if it is true, and not through persuasion or fear.

Think about the real you.. then do it...

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  1. This poster is very meaningful and interesting. Your opinion on it which is the positive way of interpreting it is very beautiful. But i also liked the way that Coen brothers interpreted it in their series. That someone like lester can twist the reality and make everyone believe what he wants them to believe. Which is not actually recommended for the real life i guess :D

    And by the way, do you have a higher resolution of this poster so i can use it for printing? Or do you know someplace i can buy this artwork?

    Best of luck for you ;)