Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mother Where Are You...............

My dear mother is fading
She is tangled, she is small
And when I go to visit her
She isn't there at all

She spends her day just sitting
Pulling at her clothing
Punctuated by cups of tea
And lots of fear and loathing

She asks me 'when can I go home'
Then asks me again, then again
I smile and tell her 'very soon'
Again again and again

I brought her Hyacinths for her room
I knew she loved them in advance
And music that she loves to hear
Can sing, but can no longer dance

I will be your memory
I can help you, don't forget
How many of us love you mum
So dry your eyes, don't be upset

You lose and struggle then give-in
The plaques and tangles in your brain
It's like you've gone but never went
It's like you've left but still remain

My mummy sits there in her chair
She smiles at me because I'm there
She compliments me on my hair
Then cries and says I do not care

When I leave, I take you too
I haven't left you, you're here with me
My mother you are in my heart
I wish that I could set you free


  1. Made me cry, so moving Cheryl xxxx

  2. Both my parents have dementia. They are in their 90's and are still living in their own home. I do my shift a few days each week (luckily I have siblings who also chip in). This is my all day everyday. But there are moments when it is so beautiful. I love it when my mum smiles. Sometimes my dad recites poetry he learned at school. Sometimes it is so beautiful but mostly it is 48 hours of confusion, repetition and swirling vortexes of looped disorientation. I weep for two hours on the drive home. This poem says it like it is. Thank you.