Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas panic..........

Urgh, just under 5 weeks till Christmas, and the feeling of frenzy is kicking in. The teenagers in the house, all three of them, are telling me that there is nothing in particular that they want this year which is making it worse, I have sat on the internet trying to come up with something to bestow upon them that is original and useful, but have been defeated in my efforts, as I am desperate not to disappoint on Christmas Day. The most important aspect for me, is that everyone is here together, which is a glorious gift in itself, and we will undoubtedly have a flow of visitors, full of festive cheer, and bearing the gifts you wish they hadn't, and that much rehersed face of surprise and delight is getting more difficult every year, along with the shit on TV, watching the same old films, hoping that the ending might have changed since the last time you watched it, but it never does.

Turkeys seem to get more expensive each Yuletide, and even if you don't really like turkey, the tradition takes over your belly and makes it delicious, and the rush to get the oven on at around 10am and the turkey in!.. is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' that Tim Burton was probably referring to..

 After about a week we all stare at the Christmas tree dreading the great heave of it out through the lounge window and the careful packing away of the decorations, all that hard work and woop it's all over.. Then there's the SALES, which quite frankly scare the shit out of me, all those desperate shoppers, in their new scarves and jumpers, racing about buying stuff they really wanted for Christmas but didn't get, 'WELL MAKE A FUCKING LIST NEXT TIME!'.. and the stuff in the sales is never in your size, or the right colour, it's a total chaotic waste of bloody time, unless you want to camp out on Boxing Day, there aren't many real bargains to be had, my suggestion is.. don't bother, or, stay home and shop online the sales are there to be had at the click of your keyboards, and there's less of a traffic jam getting to my computer at home.

Then it's New Years Eve, and that party you know you should go to, or everyone will think you are being anti-social, when you'd rather stay home and watch Jules Holland, and eat the remains of your chocolate stash. My problem is I don't drink, and a party that goes on that long into the night is just a series of still images of everyone deteriorating physically and mentally, flirting with your husband, and having what they feel is a meaningful conversation about absolutely nothing, which is a total waste of effort because they don't remember anything about it the next hour less alone the next day.
And zoom back to my festive, 'thank you I'm having a great time' face and that's when my wristwatch becomes most visited, because all I've got to do is get to midnight and then I'm home and dry, unless of course it's pissing down..


  1. I respect the way you choose to unwind/have fun etc and think you should do exactly what you prefer on new years eve. Do yourself a favour and stay at home- leave us old soaks to unwind, rid ourselves of inhibitions,dance, sing, make fools of ourselves and block out the sometimes ugliness of the world we live in. I for one enjoy it. Each to there own.

    Hels x

  2. oh shut up you old lush.. or i will take pics of you looking like shit again and put them on facebook.. remember us sobers have the upperhand at social events.. and who would drive you all home eh?...