Thursday, 7 July 2011

'The person I would most like to meet'

Never fading, never loosing his energy and 'Raw Power' you have to admit when it comes to Iggy Pop there's  no-one quite as outrageous and wild, but I love him...

Almost every rock and punk band, of the past or present has either knowingly or quite naturally been inspired by him, and I cannot see anyone who has managed to capture the essence of Iggy and bottle it in quite the unique way he has done.

Iggy is 64 now, and is still selling out, wherever he goes, and his music is still enjoyed by his oldest of fans.. I saw him play many times over in my youth, and went to see him a few years ago at Hammersmith, and thought he was as breathtaking then as he was, when I used to follow him to his every London concert 35 years ago.

After living in New York for 20 years he now lives in Miami in a Mediterranean style bungalow with his partner Nina and a houseful of cats and dogs.

He has always been my fantasy, and if asked the question, who is  'the person I would most like to meet' ?
he would undoubtedly be my number one ....

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