Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My beautiful little baby..

There's a little chicken I think you should all meet, he hatched last week and although he was originally one of ten eggs he was the only survivor, so he is all alone..
He is the tiniest little chicken ever, which is why they are a little harder to hatch, he is a 'Serama' chick.

Serama bantams chickens are truely delightful especially for people in urban areas, as the cockerel has a much quieter crow, and they are so small that they need much less of a living area, they are friendly and confident, and come in so many different colours and two white parents can have a speckled one and you never know what will occur which makes breeding them fun, except that they are very difficult to hatch.

They lay cute little eggs much smaller than a normal sized egg, and I think they are lovely.. here is the Wikipedia link about this fascinating breed

My little chicken has another 10 potential little friends in my incubator, and fingers crossed he will be joined in the next few weeks I will keep you posted.

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  1. aw...we had a little fellow like this one (different breed though) who was the only survivor of a hatch. I kept him inside with me for a long while, he liked to sleep in my ugg boot! I hope the others hatch - ours grew into a very loud cockerel and went to live up the mountain on a bigger property.