Thursday, 7 October 2010

Poor Ozzy.

My lovely little dog Ozzy is having an operation on his ear this morning, and I dropped him off at 9am, he wagged his tail all the way into the surgery, but I knew what was coming for him, and I left thinking, his ignorance was my anxiety. They said they thought he had Primary Secretory Otitis Media which is like glue ear, apparently it has become more frequently diagnosed in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels affecting up to 40% of them, (bloody hell!!). It consists of a highly viscous mucus plug which fills the dog's middle ear and may cause the tympanic membrane to bulge.
Symptoms of this may include scratching at the ears, yawning excessively, crying out in pain, ataxia, drooping ear or lip, inability to blink an eye, rapid eyeball movement, facial paralysis, some loss of hearing, seizures, and fatigue. These symptoms, in many cases, are very similar to those of syringomyelia and, to some extent, to those of progressive hereditary deafness. Therefore, the examining veterinarian should take care to consider these other possible causes of the dog's symptomatic behaviors.
And he has all of these symptoms so I decided to go ahead with the proceedure which involves making a small cut in the eardrum to remove the mucus plug from the middle ear, followed by flushing the middle ear. Topical and/or systemic corticosteroids and antibiotics then are administered.

I am collecting him this afternoon...................

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