Monday, 11 October 2010

P.E teachers.

Why are all P.E teachers so difficult?.. why can't they accept that some pupils aren't interested or good at P.E?.
 There's definitely a different mentality that goes with these strange people, they need to stop drilling and learn to deal with people sympathetically who are physically not always up for the challenge, because it's not always about pushing enthusiastic people to their limits, as you would if you were coaching.
I remember at school watching the more hopeless specimens being shoved around, threatened, and insulted simply for being "bad at games", and understood I had more in common with them.
As far as I was concerned, PE was a twice-weekly period of chaos during which the school's most aggressive pupils were permitted to dominate and torment those they considered physically inferior.
My run ins with my P.E teachers gave me a lifetime dislike of pretty much all sport. A bit like how going to a religious school, as a child, turned me into a lifelong atheist.
There were a pair of butch teachers at our secondary school, who would put you through the hardest of tasks in bitter cold and intense heat, then get to watch you in the showers.
Seems like they were always having all the fun..

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  1. I have friends who are P.E teachers, and they are lovely really, it's about me being adverse to sporting activities, and feeling very self conscious about that..