Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Where did all the people go

The ones that taught me all I know

The ones that made the me today 

Who gave me strength to find my way

I hear their whispers in my ears

I smell their perfume, taste their tears

And as I near my twilight years

I feel their pain and share their fears

Could it be that we are one 

I've known them since my world begun

They've carried me when I felt weak

And found the words for me to speak

Such comfort to have such good friends

When I am torn such pleasure mends

I never want to step outside

For all I need is here inside.....

written by Cheryl Powling


  1. Shit Cheryl, I didn't know you had so many tattooos!

    Hels x

  2. Ha ha, I think she looks really lovely, what a brilliant pic don't you think ? x